With over $300MM in new home sales, Dennis Miller, owner of Miller Real Estate Training, has the experience, knowledge, and credentials to guide new home sales agents to the same level of success.


The “Certified New Home Sales Training” and the “Gold Medal New Home Sales Training” are among the best new home sales training in the industry. Call or email Dennis Miller today to discuss how he can lead your new home sales teams to be the best in the industry.


Certified New Home Sales Training

We offer the CSP course (Certified New Home Sales Professional Course), a National Association of Homebuilders accredited, and certified course specifically designed for new home sales agents. Check with you local HBA (Home Builders Association) for information and schedules for this CSP course in your area.


Gold Medal New Homes Sales Training

MRET offers this new and exciting 2-day course for new home sales agents. This course takes you through the life of a new home sales agent, from the beginning to the end of a new home community. An absolute must for all new or experienced new home sales agents.

Email us at to get information about dates and times for this course.

Gold Medal Topics Include:

  • Defining the Gold Medal Sales Process
  • “Meeting & Greeting” …In the Beginning…
  • The Sales Process: What You See is What You Get
  • Gold Medal Questions: Asking Your Way to Success
  • Eight Initial Interview Questions
  • Understanding Fears
  • Gold Medal Closing: Everybody Wins!

During his 30+ year career, Dennis Miller has accomplished the following:




In New Home Sales

Finance VP of


Region of Multinational Firm

Director of


Division for New Home Builder


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