Berkshire Hathaway Agent

Mr. Miller did an amazing job at presenting a huge amount of information in an engaging and easy to understand way. His prior experience and expertise certainly helps to bring each concept to life in a real life way. I would highly recommend to take your pre-licensing class with him!

“I highly recommend you take your pre-licensing class with Mr. Miller.”

— Lindsay Watson




My experience with Mr. Miller was excellent. He provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed. He is a very good instructor and has a way of explaining things simple, in an a way that I understood. On the second day of class I decided to sit in the front instead all the way in the back so I could focus on what was being taught instead of listening to everyone else in the class. I had to work really hard and be very committed to pass the class and the state/national exams. I am very surprised with my success because I never thought I could do it. English is my second language and one word can throw me off completely.

What helped me a lot were the audio CDs. I listened to those a lot...when I was driving, when I was working out, when I was eating. I also disconnected myself from social media for the entire time I was in class because they are a huge distraction. Mr. Miller helped by providing power points, practice tests and exams. I took both courses he offered, the Math Express and the NC Estate section. They helped me a lot and made me very confident in those areas.I got really good in real estate math too! I'm so thankful for all his help and instruction.

Maricela Higgins

“He provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed.”

— Maricela Higgins




Once I decided to change my career and settled on the real estate business, I thought I was good to go. All I had to do was show up for classes and take the test, right? How wrong was I to think that... It ended up being a lot harder then I imagined. I am very thankful for my instructor Dennis Miller whom helped me make sense of all the material I had to learn and remember. He was patient, personable and very knowledgeable. He delivered the information on an easy to understand level and never got tired of questions. I passed all the tests the first time and I will be forever thankful to him for helping me along the way.


“Dennis Miller delivered the information on an easy to understand level and never got tired of questions.”

— Judit Lewis